Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walkies, and other things with ie at the end

It was always going to be this way, but now it has really happened.

Everything is an IE on the end of it. We went for a walkie this morning. Sasha wears a lot of onesies. She has a lot of snackies throughout the day. Mama has lunchie. She goes on her walks in the packie. She doesn't really like using the pacie. She gets a bathie every day (or every other day, depending).

This morning we went for a walkie to the Choice Market down the street from me. I've heard many good things, but never went before. It lived up to expectations. Now little Sasha is taking a nappie (yup) in her bouncy chair. So I get to write this blog!

I am supposed to nap when she naps but last night she slept til five o clock in the morning, so I got seven hours of sleep! That's a full night baby! I could take over the world on this much sleep.


Randi said...

Lucky number seven, yo! Atta girl, Sashie! Hehe

MIL said...

oh thank goodness she is not taking after her daddy as a baby re: her night time sleeping!!!

Nancy gurl said...

Follow her lead and every night will be a 7 hour night:)

Funny you mentioned the ie. I hated it so much I replaced ster


you see where this is going.