Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Month

Dude. My baby is one month old today. To celebrate, I took her to get a manicure. I mean, I got a manicure and she slept in the pack.

There will be an obligatory one month photo with a sign saying she is one month old. Just going to have a costume change first.

One month! That's sort of hard to believe. She's a lot like she was when she was born, but a little bit bigger. She also smiles now and looks around a lot more. She loooves to sit in her bouncy chair and look at nothing in particular. She also loves to take a bath. What a tiny little cutie. I am holding on to her all day long if I can. Well, right now she's sleeping in her bouncy chair. I needed to document the first birthday! She's only going to be this little for a little while, you know? There will be a time when I can't just hold her and watch her sleep. Yikes! She's too cute. It kills me a little bit.

We've had a busy month - lots of visitors. Sasha's been held by a lot of people. Not too many, just enough I think. We're going to Manhattan later today - where she will be held by no one but me or her daddy.

Thanks for sticking around the blog through this transition, you guys. We'll figure out what it's about eventually.


Randi said...

Happy one-month, Little Lady.

Hung said...

Isn't it fun just to hug her all up?

Ma said...

Happy one month birthday beautiful girl, Sasha!!
Love, Grandma Paula

Solanasaurus said...

OMG do you realize you're (at least temporarily) a mom-blogger?