Monday, July 26, 2010

Numbers - one day late

Here's whats been going on:
  1. It's finally below 90 degrees today and the whole world is different. There is no humidity. My windows are open wide - no air conditioner on today! This is how I thought the whole summer would be, except for a few brutal days in August. Instead I'm banking on August being nice. What kind of world do we live in?
  2. Sasha is four weeks old today! My little buddy. She's so freaking cute.
  3. Ang has been here for the last four or five days. It has been tremendous! Babe and I left the house for 20 minutes to go pick up a pizza. What a trip that was! I also took two naps a day. Oh family, why do I live so far away??
  4. I had my first mimosa in almost a year. Court brought over a bottle of bubbly with a wee stork on it and we all had a mimosa. Well, Sasha didn't. But the rest of us did.
  5. We've eaten at every good restaurant in the neighborhood at least two or three times. It's time to either start importing from out of Fort Greene/Clinton Hill or to start cooking.
  6. I've watched parts of Hitch twice.
  7. I interviewed my first nanny. Yuck.
  8. The other night, I slept for six hours in a row.

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Randi said...

Pooh nanny?