Thursday, July 15, 2010

Misc Items

  • I am typing with one hand.
  • We went to La Leche Laague yesterday, a meeting for nursing mamas. It was funny to be in a room with like 15 other women breaatfeeding.
  • This blog is really going to be about: babies (one in particular), breastfeeding, and sleeping. These are the items that concern me the most. Occasionally I will refer to something I see on TV.
  • For example, they found a ship from the 17th century buried at the WTC. I am thinking it's The Black Rock.
  • George Steinbrenner died. It's all they are talking about here.
  • Dick Cheney had heart surgery for like the 20th time. This always confuses me because I didn"t know he had a heart.

1 comment:

Ma said...

You always have your sense of humor which always makes me laugh. That comment about Dick Cheney was funny. If you watched the news they implanted something in his heart to make it stronger. ha, ha. not really something to joke about I guess.
I miss you so much and that little darling Sasha. I ordered a bunch of pictures today.
Love, Ma