Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Heat Wave

Today is day two of the heat wave. Good lord, people. I'm not going outside today. In fact, I'm not really even going in the living room. I got to say, the timing isn't great. It's not so easy to have a newborn, truth be told, but being trapped in one room of your house makes it even a little harder. We're making it though! Lots of gatorade and boob juice.
This is little Sasha yesterday (when she turned a week old!), in her bouncy chair, making the heat wave work for her.
This is us a short time later, or earlier, I don't know, chilling in the AC of the bedroom. A place I know very very very well at this point.


Randi said...

Oh, Coddie. This is all just too adorable.

Nancy gurl said...

I can't with these pictures. She doesn't look a week old. She is PERFECT, GORGEOUS, SWEET. Those CHEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessicurl said...

Hand in there with the gatorade and the boob juice and the toughness of having a newborn. You're doing great and that last picture is the best thing ever.