Friday, July 30, 2010

Haiku Friday

Little Monkey Bear,
My meteorologist,
Mama's little girl.

These are just a few
of the names I call Sasha.
Little pumpkin pie.

Chimpanzee baby,
my little papoose, of course,
and always, Mommy.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

You young moms...

Here's who I want advice from:
  • My parents. Mike's parents.
  • My sisters.
  • My friends who have had kids.
  • The doctor.
Here's who I don't want advice from:
  • Strangers
Yesterday, I was in the elevator with Babe on our way from the City. (Totally successful trip, by the way!) My neighbor said to me, oh how old is your baby? I said one month today (proudly, I said it). She said, "Well, you better feed her enough. You young mothers, today, you never want to feed your children. What you do is, when she is two months old, just put a little cereal in her bottle. She'll sleep all the way through the night." Shaking her head, she left the elevator.


Yesterday morning, in the grocery store, this older Caribean lady said to me, "You got a baby in there?" (points to my pack). I said Yes, I do. She said, well you better not let her get too cold. I said I will not. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy One Month Birthday Sasha Girl!

One Month

Dude. My baby is one month old today. To celebrate, I took her to get a manicure. I mean, I got a manicure and she slept in the pack.

There will be an obligatory one month photo with a sign saying she is one month old. Just going to have a costume change first.

One month! That's sort of hard to believe. She's a lot like she was when she was born, but a little bit bigger. She also smiles now and looks around a lot more. She loooves to sit in her bouncy chair and look at nothing in particular. She also loves to take a bath. What a tiny little cutie. I am holding on to her all day long if I can. Well, right now she's sleeping in her bouncy chair. I needed to document the first birthday! She's only going to be this little for a little while, you know? There will be a time when I can't just hold her and watch her sleep. Yikes! She's too cute. It kills me a little bit.

We've had a busy month - lots of visitors. Sasha's been held by a lot of people. Not too many, just enough I think. We're going to Manhattan later today - where she will be held by no one but me or her daddy.

Thanks for sticking around the blog through this transition, you guys. We'll figure out what it's about eventually.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walkies, and other things with ie at the end

It was always going to be this way, but now it has really happened.

Everything is an IE on the end of it. We went for a walkie this morning. Sasha wears a lot of onesies. She has a lot of snackies throughout the day. Mama has lunchie. She goes on her walks in the packie. She doesn't really like using the pacie. She gets a bathie every day (or every other day, depending).

This morning we went for a walkie to the Choice Market down the street from me. I've heard many good things, but never went before. It lived up to expectations. Now little Sasha is taking a nappie (yup) in her bouncy chair. So I get to write this blog!

I am supposed to nap when she naps but last night she slept til five o clock in the morning, so I got seven hours of sleep! That's a full night baby! I could take over the world on this much sleep.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Numbers - one day late

Here's whats been going on:
  1. It's finally below 90 degrees today and the whole world is different. There is no humidity. My windows are open wide - no air conditioner on today! This is how I thought the whole summer would be, except for a few brutal days in August. Instead I'm banking on August being nice. What kind of world do we live in?
  2. Sasha is four weeks old today! My little buddy. She's so freaking cute.
  3. Ang has been here for the last four or five days. It has been tremendous! Babe and I left the house for 20 minutes to go pick up a pizza. What a trip that was! I also took two naps a day. Oh family, why do I live so far away??
  4. I had my first mimosa in almost a year. Court brought over a bottle of bubbly with a wee stork on it and we all had a mimosa. Well, Sasha didn't. But the rest of us did.
  5. We've eaten at every good restaurant in the neighborhood at least two or three times. It's time to either start importing from out of Fort Greene/Clinton Hill or to start cooking.
  6. I've watched parts of Hitch twice.
  7. I interviewed my first nanny. Yuck.
  8. The other night, I slept for six hours in a row.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Haiku Friday

Cereal breakie,
Sandwich and lays chips for lunch,
some easy dinner.

The newborn diet.
Italian ices each day.
Or Mr. Softie.

An occasional
beer, gatorade, and decaf.
Lots of water, too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

What other people do

On Tuesday, my friend Solomon went to see Lisa Lisa on Staten Island. Do you see what I just did there? I started a blog post about what someone else did. Not what I did. That's how we roll now, people. Unless you want to hear about nonstop breastfeeding and trying to figure out how to maximize sleep (trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents), we're going to have to try some new things.

Anyways, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam! That was my first concert at the Ventura County Fair back when I was twelve years old. (Funny side note - I just googled that and came up with my blog. I guess it meant the most to me.)

All Cried Out - that song spoke to my 10 or 11 year old self. I do believe Lisa Lisa was wearing overalls at the concert. I could have made that up. Anyways, I still love her and all of her songs. Didn't get to see the show on Staten Island, but now I will download those old skool jams and sing them to my little Sasha.

...Some guys will promise you a marriage made in heaven. But, I'm going to stick to my guns...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


One minute from Coodence on Vimeo.


Happy Birthday Sammy Lee!

Conference Call

Before I had little Missy, I promised my boss I would do one conference call for her whilst I was on maternity leave. It really didn't seem like a big deal (and it wasn't a big deal) but it was very, very funny.

Last Wednesday, I went to La Leche League to hang out with other breastfeeding moms and learn what I could about the Boob. I left at 11:50 because the conference call was at noon.

I got home at noon and decided to leave Missy in her pack because she was sleeping and I thought that would be a good way to do the call. It was an interview for one of our gal's replacements. Well, it was hot and my back was starting to hurt so I decided to take the little buddy out of her pack. I put her in the newborn soothing station (which so far doesn't actually soothe her, it really just wakes her up and makes her sort of mad), and felt something wet on my face. I was like what is that?! Well I looked at the pack and she had pooped all inside the pack. I mean in her diaper, but there are some (many) poops that a mere diaper can't contain.

I had poop on my face, on her face, on my shirt, all over her. I had the blackberry on mute and speaker phone as I took her to the changing station one handed. Of course we were out of wipes so I was ripping open a costco box of wipes with poop flying all over the place as this job candidate went on about her experience. I have no idea what she said during those crucial moments.

I got her all wiped down and basically ended up breastfeeding her for the rest of the call.

Working from home? Not so much.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Numbers - one day late

Since we last chatted:
  1. Little Missy Sasha turned three weeks old today!
  2. We went outside one time on Sunday and had one beer at the Hot Bird in the AC section of the bar.
  3. Took one walk by myself to pick up burgers from 67 Burger.
  4. Slept sometimes 3 hours at a time, sometimes less.
  5. Changed about 10 diapers a day.
  6. Watched three Yankee games, at least partially.
  7. Watched the rest of season three of Friday Night Lights.
  8. Mostly stayed inside because it is 90plus degrees outside. Seriously, the heat is relentless! It never even got to 9o last July!
  9. Wrote out five thank you cards. Have another 20 to go. My penmanship suffers because I am usually holding the buddy with one arm.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Haiku Friday

The second heat wave
in less than a month. What are
the chances, people?

Thank god for husband
who found the only AC
in New York City.

Little Sasha loves
ninety degree days, sweating
in her little pack.

I spend

a lot of my day like this. I can't complain.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Misc Items

  • I am typing with one hand.
  • We went to La Leche Laague yesterday, a meeting for nursing mamas. It was funny to be in a room with like 15 other women breaatfeeding.
  • This blog is really going to be about: babies (one in particular), breastfeeding, and sleeping. These are the items that concern me the most. Occasionally I will refer to something I see on TV.
  • For example, they found a ship from the 17th century buried at the WTC. I am thinking it's The Black Rock.
  • George Steinbrenner died. It's all they are talking about here.
  • Dick Cheney had heart surgery for like the 20th time. This always confuses me because I didn"t know he had a heart.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Numbers - one day late

Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Have slept in increments on 1, 2 and 3 hours. And sometimes just half. And the 3 hours have been very few.
  2. Watched 15 episodes of Friday Night Lights.
  3. Had my two parents here which was and is a gift from the baby jesus.
  4. Went for three walks in the 80+ heat.
  5. Gone to a coffee shop one time, got a coffee, turned around and went home because my baby was crying.
  6. Sat in my deliciously air conditioned apartment for many hours at a time holding my sleeping baby.
  7. Cheered in triumph when she slept for 1.5 hours last night in a place other than my arms.
  8. Changed about nine diapers a day.
  9. Fed her 8 - 12 times a day.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Haiku Friday

We're definitely
getting the hang of it some.
Tending to Sasha.

She wakes frequently.
Eats frequently. Poops and pees
frequently, also.

Eleven days old!
Eleven days young, I think.
Still a tiny boo.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Photo Shoot

Sasha had her first photo shoot on Sunday. It was a bit much to do that with a newborn, truth be told. It was very hot and me and her dad were really tired. She slept through most of it, though, so that was good. And we wanted pictures of her when she was so little because she changes so much every day. Here are a few of my favorites.
Itty-bitty hands.
Chubbiest cheeks on the planet.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Heat Wave

Today is day two of the heat wave. Good lord, people. I'm not going outside today. In fact, I'm not really even going in the living room. I got to say, the timing isn't great. It's not so easy to have a newborn, truth be told, but being trapped in one room of your house makes it even a little harder. We're making it though! Lots of gatorade and boob juice.
This is little Sasha yesterday (when she turned a week old!), in her bouncy chair, making the heat wave work for her.
This is us a short time later, or earlier, I don't know, chilling in the AC of the bedroom. A place I know very very very well at this point.

Monday, July 05, 2010


Well folks, in the last seven days or so, I:
  • Gave birth to my baby! She's Sasha Kathleen and she weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces when she was born.
  • Labored for about 30 hours, I suppose. My water broke at 7 am on Sunday and she came into the world at 4:11 pm on Monday. I would say it was more like 8 hours on Monday. When it came to the pushing, though, I pushed her out in six minutes. That's kind of a record, peeps.
  • Sent and received about 100 text messages about the birth of my little buddy.
  • Slept about one, two or sometimes three hours at a time since last Monday, June 28th.
  • Spent about a hundred hours staring into the eyes of my little daughter, or watching her sleep as it were.
  • Fed her about 6 to 8 times a day, every three hours. Well, I've fed her half the time, Babe the other half. I've been pumping every three hours around the clock. Dear double boob automatic breast pump, you were worth every penny.
  • Left the house three times. One, to go to the doctor. Two, to go out to dinner with my in-laws, Babe and Sasha Kathleen. Three, yesterday to go to the grocery store and return my library books.
  • Stayed inside because of the weather, too. It was 101 yesterday. Supposed to be the same today and tomorrow. Good God! I hope it cools down some when my parents get here!!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Haiku Friday

Sasha Kathleen is
the cutest baby ever.
It's totally true.

Her little bright eyes.
Her ruby red rosebud mouth.
Those gigantic cheeks.

I want to cover her
face, hands and feet in kisses.
So that's what I do.