Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Either way, little buddy takes after his/her parents. I'm always late, and Babe is super mellow and not so much in a hurry.

So, as soon as you go over your due date you have to have a sonogram. Even if you just had one. They want to make sure everything is okay and that the buddy can hang out where s/he is for awhile longer.

So we went yesterday and saw the buddy. Chilling hard. We saw him/her take a giant yawn, toss us a wave, then go back to bed. Seriously. S/he had a beach blanket, a boom box and a cold beverage. Not. Going. Anywhere.


Jessicurl said...

Q5 is chillaxing! Hopefully this means s/he will be a mellow baby!

Ma said...

"Trying to coax him/her out"

Come out little buddy; we`re all waiting to meet you and love you.
Love, Grandma Paula XXXOOO

Ang said...

Yes, Auntie Angela is waiting too!