Thursday, June 10, 2010


Because of the sandwich porn on the NY Magazine website, we've been plotting a lunch time field trip to Brooklyn to check out Mile End for it's delicious sandwiches.

Our field trip plans were foiled because of work (as they so often are), but we decided to order in from Defonte's, which has just opened up a shop here in NYC.

Me and another person shared: #24 The Dino (a meatball sandwich) and #21 Potatoes and Eggs with Mozzarella and Ham.

I am happy. And full. And my baby is kickin like crazy.

Read this, it's funny
. It's about how a sandwich makes you it's bitch.

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genevieve said...

Girl you best believe I bookmarked ALL those places whenst I first saw that shizzle. Bring on the meat!!!

So excited for you guys--thinking of you in these last few days!