Monday, June 14, 2010


Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Decided to work from home for this last week, two weeks, one day, who knows, until I have my baby. It's really nice to not have to rush out of here in the morning all 39 1/2 weeks pregnant!
  2. Went to Hot Bird only one time.
  3. Went to Yoga twice.
  4. Watched several futbol matches on TV and one out at a bar. The whole of Brooklyn is watching soccer right now - might as well join in! Plus, those soccer players are incredibly good looking!
  5. Went to happy hour on Friday night at Amity Hall right on 3rd street. Nice spot, but has potential to be sort of douchey. Sorry about that word.
  6. Took it pretty easy yesterday afternoon. I sleep maybe one or two hours uninterrupted so I get sleepy. It's cuz I have a gigantic belly. Hee!
  7. Watched Babe decorate our "nursery" which is one wall in our bedroom. It's so cute, you guys! It has photos of all of our friends and family who don't live on this coast, so the baby can know all of you even though you won't be here.

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