Monday, June 07, 2010


This unseasonably hot weekend, I:
  1. Only went to Hot Bird one time, not two. We brought our own hot dogs to grill and they were freakin delicious.
  2. Went to this neat little spot for tacos called The Loading Dock. It's over on Tillary across the street from the McDonald's that's been shut down for a while. I had one carne asada taco and one tamale with cheese and chiles. Go there. It was good.
  3. Then, I stuck my feet in my friend's pool. The pool is a darling little lap pool, all covered in white and blue tiles and about four feet deep. I wish I had such a pool.
  4. I went to yoga twice which beats last weekend when I went only once!
  5. I went to brunch at General Greene with four of my girl friends and that was very fun, except the staff at the General Greene is super uptight. The food is good though.
  6. Watched the first Iron Man, which was pretty good. Now we can go see the second one. I'm exclusively watching movies that feature Robert Downy Jr. a

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Randi said...

I totally forgot to go to yoga on Saturday. I realized this ten minutes before class was to start.