Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Freakin out

Babe and I holding it together pretty well during this waiting game period. I mean pretty well. I now understand why they tell you not to tell anyone your due date, because people won't stop asking. I can no longer call, text, or even email my friends without them thinking it is some sort of birth announcement. Really? It's not even my due date. Anyways, that's not the point of this post. The point is that about a week ago, when we got real close, we both started quietly freaking out.

Like all of a sudden The Healthy Pregnancy was back off the book shelf as I started to read about the last few weeks of being pregnant. We started buying lots of things. Like a Mac computer. We almost bought a $400 vacuum. Our house couldn't be any cleaner. Anytime something happens (and lots of things happen in the end - I won't go into detail), Babe picks up a rag and starts cleaning another part of the house.

You can pretty much find us like that now, when we're home. I'll be reading something about pregnancy, he'll be cleaning, or we'll be shopping online.

Unless, of course, we're at the Hot Bird. Ha!


Randi said...

Nesting! Super fun dude. That baby will come when s/he is good and ready. I'll remind myself of that the next time I spaz about whether or not you're in labor. LOL

Ang said...

Dude, I am patiently waiting to be told that I will be an aunt again. Hopefully this week!

ceedee said...

You & Babe should read the NYTimes article on fatherhood. I found it quite funny :)
Hang in there, kid!

Ruben G said...

Ha! Dude, sorry for the "No baby yet?" IM. XOXO