Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This week

I have a busy week. Not just because its busy but also because I am freaking nine months pregnant.

After this week, I have no plans except for to do yoga and get ready for my baby.

This week, though, busy.

Monday I went to the Yankee game and watched them beat up the stupid red sox.

Tuesday I went to Yoga but then got to go home to watch LOST and hang out with Babe.

Tonight Babe and I are taking infant CPR tonight so if god forbid something happens we will know what to do.

Tomorrow night is our birth class where I learn how to give birth and Babe learns how to massage my feet. And give me ice chps.

Friday night is the PJ concert at Madison Square Garden.

Got that?

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Randi said...

Forget all the rest of it. Ice chips? Nice.