Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This past weekend, I:
  1. Went to Hartford, CT for my 13th Pearl Jam show. It was really incredible. Hartford is about a 2 and half hour drive from here. We had a good ole chill drive up, and then checked into our hotel (The Crowne Plaza Hartford). Holler. Lots of people drinking cans of Coors light all over the place - in front of the hotel, on the way to the concert, outside the concert. I'll tell you more about the show later in the week. Hartford? Lawless.
  2. Spent some time in the suburbs. Went to a RAD Target that reminded me of what Target is supposed to be like. Not like this shithole here on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. I used to go to Target once a year when I lived in the bay - basically every time I moved apartments. This trip reminded me of that - except we're not moving! Someone new is moving in.
  3. Went to Trader Joe's in Hartford. Totally 100% civilized. Fully stocked and no thirty minute wait in line.
  4. Went to lunch at the...wait for it! wait for it! At the OLIVE GARDEN. Babe and I had never been - it was our first time! It was kinda good kinda gross. It was a little like a ride at Disneyland, in that there was theme music and fake decor. Also, when you got there you got a wee beeper to wait for your seat. At the Olive Garden. For reals, people. For. Reals.
  5. Hung out at Nina's on Friday night and ate delicious Indian food. Like one of the best I've had in NYC. Amma, on East 51st. Eat it, people. That was some good stuff.
  6. Swung by Court's on Sunday with her five roof decks. Holler!

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Randi said...

Which once again goes to prove my theory, people on Facebook love the Olive Garden