Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Numbers, Taxes, Receipts. I make em look better than they did in real life.

This past weekend, I:
  1. Went to yoga twice!
  2. Hung out in more than one bar for many hours. Of course, not drinking. We went to the beer garden on Fulton and Greene. Misnamed of course, because it isn't a beer garden. Sunday we watched the Yankees pulverize the White Sox from Pacific Standard, one of my favorite bars.
  3. Got to hang out with family. My sister and brother in law and two nieces were in town. We took them to John's Pizzeria (well, they took us, but we picked it) and got take out from The Smoke Joint. Deelicious.
  4. Couldn't believe how hot it was and how muggy and was so thankful that this baby is coming in June and not August because it is going to be so hot this summer I can already tell. It was like 90 degrees this weekend, people.
  5. Took it pretty easy all the way around. Getting pretty close around these parts - about six and a half weeks to go, so am trying not to do much whenever I can. Last night, I went swimming and I did laps by myself for the first time!


Randi said...

A lady at the mall with twins in a stroller told me I was going to hate being pregnant in August and to not even bother leaving the house. LOL

Nancy gurl said...

I just spit out my coke ZERO when I read the headline of the post