Thursday, May 13, 2010

Misc. Items

  • Let's hear it for being 35 weeks pregnant! Anytime after 37 weeks I could have this bebe. Hopefully s/he will stay in there longer than that, though!
  • I told my Ma I was going to see Pearl Jam this weekend in Hartford, CT. She said, "Do you have to?" Hahahaha.
  • Hartford, CT. Ever been there? Me neither. We've got a Target trip planned. Man, I love Target! Except for the one in Brooklyn which makes me want to gauge my eyes out.
  • Dude, LOST? Allison Janney?! She's so rad. Some people say CJ Craig. I say total goddess.
  • I got a massage yesterday. Almost proposed to the lady after it was done, but remembered I am already married in just the nick of time.

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