Friday, May 28, 2010

Haiku Friday

Three day weekend here.
What are you doing with yours?
Three days of NO work.

This place is crazy.
Sometimes I want to freak out.
And yell and people.

But I won't because
it won't do any good and
it's not nice to yell.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Joan Rivers

You know what I think? You should read this terrific article about Joan Rivers, because it is laugh out loud funny and she is an original.

Here's a particularly funny passage (I think):

Her single greatest gift is her ability, in the heat of the moment, to find the funny line. My recent favorite example also highlights the rarefied world in which Rivers sometimes travels. Not long ago she was invited to dinner at Lily Safra’s home at 820 Fifth Avenue. Safra owns the most expensive residence in the world, the $500 million Villa Leopolda in the south of France. Rivers was seated next to Carroll Petrie, a rich society lady who is deaf as a post, and the two of them were marveling over, oh, I don’t know, the dozens of FabergĂ© clocks in Safra’s house. Petrie said, too loud, “Doesn’t it just make you feel poor?” To which Rivers replied, “Carroll, name me one other person in this room who is playing Cleveland this weekend.”

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I really have loved being pregnant. I am still loving it, in fact. My buddy is big and moving around and I can't wait to meet him or her. I've loved doing yoga and eating right and not partying down. It has been a really fun time for me. It's not always been easy, but I never expected the process of growing another human being to be easy. Why should it be? If you think about what you're doing - it's kind of a big deal.

Anyways, in the midst of this love fest around being pregnant I have found my Achilles heel. My kryptonite. The bane of my pregnant existence.

My cankles.

For some women, (most?) this doesn't happen until the bitter end. Well, I'm close to the bitter end but this is has been happening for weeks. I elevate when I can, I have a box under my desk that my feet rest upon, I do acupuncture for god's sake. Nonetheless, I have cankles. Every time I look at my ankles, I think of these little fat people from Wall-E.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This past weekend, I:
  1. Went to my 14th or 15th Pearl Jam show depending on how much research you do.
  2. Went to yoga just one time because then I had a four hour birth class at my yoga studio so decided it might not be so much fun to sit at Bend and Bloom for you know six or seven hours.
  3. Watched the last episode of LOST and loved it! That was a great six seasons. I mean don't get me wrong, I have a ton of questions. I'll send out the recap email as soon as the guy posts his thoughts. By the way, if you can, you should watch the Jimmy Kimmel show that came on right after LOST. It was hilarious.
  4. Watched one Yankee game - we lost.
  5. Made my first tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella salad of the season. Here's to many more!
  6. Made dinner and stayed home on Saturday night for the first time in a while. Here's to many, many more of those!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Dude. Friday night we went to see Pearl Jam at Madison Square Garden. It was such an unbelievably awesome show. Me and the little buddy danced and danced and danced. And of course sang our hearts out.
This is me enjoying the show.
There's Eddie. Last time we saw them at MSG we were in the 2nd row. This time we were in the 2nd row behind the stage in the fourth tier. Much better for a pregnant lady.
There's me and Babe and Samoi at the show. See how elderly we are with our glasses all of us?
Nice pic of our vantage point and view.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Haiku Friday

Tried acupuncture
to work out some aches and pains
and just to try it.

I say - mixed review.
I didn't sleep good last night
But was super pooped.

One more chance next week.
Then, I think I'll save my ends
for my wee buddy.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dalai Lama

There's info about the Dalai Lama in this week's NY Magazine (I know, I know). There's also a profile on Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Doesn't seem to me these guys could be any more different.

In any event, Babe and I saw the Dalai Lama a bunch of years ago in Central Park. He's so peaceful and funny. Here are some facts you may or may not want to know.

The Dalai Lama
• Doesn’t read newspapers; gets news from BBC radio.
• Eats meat but not seafood. Doesn’t eat solid food after lunch.
Joined Twitter on February 22 this year.
• Gets up at 3:30 A.M.
• Tries to get to sleep every night by 8 P.M.
• Stays at the Waldorf-Astoria when he’s in New York.

By the way, I am 36 weeks pregnant today. My babe is about six pounds.
Last night we learned infant CPR. I hope I never have to use it but am glad I know how.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This week

I have a busy week. Not just because its busy but also because I am freaking nine months pregnant.

After this week, I have no plans except for to do yoga and get ready for my baby.

This week, though, busy.

Monday I went to the Yankee game and watched them beat up the stupid red sox.

Tuesday I went to Yoga but then got to go home to watch LOST and hang out with Babe.

Tonight Babe and I are taking infant CPR tonight so if god forbid something happens we will know what to do.

Tomorrow night is our birth class where I learn how to give birth and Babe learns how to massage my feet. And give me ice chps.

Friday night is the PJ concert at Madison Square Garden.

Got that?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This past weekend, I:
  1. Went to Hartford, CT for my 13th Pearl Jam show. It was really incredible. Hartford is about a 2 and half hour drive from here. We had a good ole chill drive up, and then checked into our hotel (The Crowne Plaza Hartford). Holler. Lots of people drinking cans of Coors light all over the place - in front of the hotel, on the way to the concert, outside the concert. I'll tell you more about the show later in the week. Hartford? Lawless.
  2. Spent some time in the suburbs. Went to a RAD Target that reminded me of what Target is supposed to be like. Not like this shithole here on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. I used to go to Target once a year when I lived in the bay - basically every time I moved apartments. This trip reminded me of that - except we're not moving! Someone new is moving in.
  3. Went to Trader Joe's in Hartford. Totally 100% civilized. Fully stocked and no thirty minute wait in line.
  4. Went to lunch at the...wait for it! wait for it! At the OLIVE GARDEN. Babe and I had never been - it was our first time! It was kinda good kinda gross. It was a little like a ride at Disneyland, in that there was theme music and fake decor. Also, when you got there you got a wee beeper to wait for your seat. At the Olive Garden. For reals, people. For. Reals.
  5. Hung out at Nina's on Friday night and ate delicious Indian food. Like one of the best I've had in NYC. Amma, on East 51st. Eat it, people. That was some good stuff.
  6. Swung by Court's on Sunday with her five roof decks. Holler!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Ma & Pa!

Happy Anniversary to my lovely parents. Who's got a prettier mom than me? No one that I know. And my dad is so darn handsome. I just love these two. Married 41 years today. Can't beat that!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Haiku Friday

Football fever, soon.
Thank you Vanity Fair for
showing me the way.

Ladies and some gents,
click the link or pick up a
copy and enjoy.

Blushing on the train,
leafing through the magazine.
Take my breath away!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Misc. Items

  • Let's hear it for being 35 weeks pregnant! Anytime after 37 weeks I could have this bebe. Hopefully s/he will stay in there longer than that, though!
  • I told my Ma I was going to see Pearl Jam this weekend in Hartford, CT. She said, "Do you have to?" Hahahaha.
  • Hartford, CT. Ever been there? Me neither. We've got a Target trip planned. Man, I love Target! Except for the one in Brooklyn which makes me want to gauge my eyes out.
  • Dude, LOST? Allison Janney?! She's so rad. Some people say CJ Craig. I say total goddess.
  • I got a massage yesterday. Almost proposed to the lady after it was done, but remembered I am already married in just the nick of time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Randi!

It's BFF's Birthday. We're celebrating with a little R. Kelly. Go on over and wish her a happy happy.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This past weekend, I:
  1. Had the 2nd patty melt I've ever had. At the Waverly Diner. That is a delicious food item right there, people.
  2. Watched the Yankees win two of three games against the Red Sox.
  3. Had my third baby shower which was incredibly lovely. Got to see some friends I haven't seen in too long.
  4. Learned yesterday on a tour of the hospital that there are 600 babies born every month on the 12th floor of St. Luke's Roosevelt. There are only 35 babies born every month in the birthing center on the 11th floor. Strikes me that odds aren't so good I'll get to use the birthing center - but "we'll see."
  5. Read another crappy book in the new teenage vampire series I'm reading. Does teenage count as a number? It's going to have to.
  6. Went to yoga on Fifth and Sackett.
  7. Made a chicken noodle casserole for the first time. It was good!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nava!

My niece turned 7 on Saturday. Yup, seven.

Clash of the Titans

Numbers is going to have to wait, people.

I have to tell you about what happened this morning in my bathroom.

See, I live in Brooklyn, you guys. I do not live in nature, I do not live where the wild things are. I live in a concrete structure with very few portals to the outside world.

So why is it that there happened to be a centipede on Babe's towel this morning as I was getting out of the shower. Do you know what a centipede looks like? Here, click this link. UM OR DON'T if you DON'T WANT TO SEE ONE.

If you know me, you know I fear bugs. I am practically phobic. When I was in college I purposely took an entomology course so I could get rid of my fear of insects. It didn't help.

What was I to do? If I don't kill the centipede, by the time I get home I would be RIDDLED with doubt - it could be ANYWHERE. In my breakfast cereal, in my bed, on the ceiling waiting to fall IN MY HAIR.

So, I screamed, left the bathroom, started to get ready for work, grabbed a wad of paper towels and went back in the bano determined to kill this gargantuan creature.

It moved. While I was plotting my attack. I screamed. Grabbed the bug with the paper towels and threw it towards the trash can. Where it fell out of the paper towels, and dragged its half broken body into hiding.

I ran my eight month pregnant body out of the bathroom.

Breathed. Plotted.

Went back into the bathroom, determined this time. I saw it. There, only half a centipede now. A fiftypede running along side the toilet. I picked up my weapon, my paper towel, and literally yelled:

I AM GOING TO GET YOU MOTHER F*CKER!!! And squashed the centipede and threw it away.

Then I put my hair product in, ate my cereal and went to work.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Happy mother's day, Ma! I love you so very much I can't even stand it.


I have been showerd by my pals, my co-workers, and my family! I feel very loved indeed. I am also rich in hand decorated onesies. Above are the ones from my shower yesterday. I hope you can see how totally awesome they are!
These three pics are the onesies from my family back in California. Amazing!
I love them all. I hope to document my newborn in each and every one of them!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Haiku Friday

Shower me this week!
Work peeps showered me on Tues.
Tomorrow, my pals.

Just got my hair did.
Belly is ten times bigger
Today than before.

Gorgeous spring weather.
Baby coming really soon.
I am just happy.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Happy Birthday, JOY!

Happy Birthday, JOY! This is us in our apt. Aren't my nieces so cute!!?
Here's a picture of two Mikes, two Carolines and a Katherine. And a gratuitous belly bump shot for you guys.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I wasn't at my desk today. I went to work in the morning for three hours of meetings, then hopped on the D for Baseball train to the Bronx and watched the Yanks kick the Orioles back to Baltimore.


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cin!

There's Cindy's Mii that she made on her trip to Cali last year.

Happy Birthday Cindiggity!!

Numbers, Taxes, Receipts. I make em look better than they did in real life.

This past weekend, I:
  1. Went to yoga twice!
  2. Hung out in more than one bar for many hours. Of course, not drinking. We went to the beer garden on Fulton and Greene. Misnamed of course, because it isn't a beer garden. Sunday we watched the Yankees pulverize the White Sox from Pacific Standard, one of my favorite bars.
  3. Got to hang out with family. My sister and brother in law and two nieces were in town. We took them to John's Pizzeria (well, they took us, but we picked it) and got take out from The Smoke Joint. Deelicious.
  4. Couldn't believe how hot it was and how muggy and was so thankful that this baby is coming in June and not August because it is going to be so hot this summer I can already tell. It was like 90 degrees this weekend, people.
  5. Took it pretty easy all the way around. Getting pretty close around these parts - about six and a half weeks to go, so am trying not to do much whenever I can. Last night, I went swimming and I did laps by myself for the first time!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tip your forty for my hommie.

Recently, my friend Doug died. Douglas Bruce Shephard, Jr. was the first of a lot of things for me: the first guy to ever pick me over whatever cute friend I was with at the time, my first guy pal who I just hung out with for fun, the first guy I ever loved.

I met Doug when I was sophomore in high school. Angela was driving herself, me and Jenn B. from the library on a school night. We stopped at the McDonald’s on Saviers Rd. This cute blond boy and his big friend got out of a white sedan and he stopped to talk to me. Me! Not Jenn B., by the way. He gave me his number on a piece of McDonald’s bag. I still have it somewhere.

We used to talk on the phone all the time. He was a couple years older than me, and I was young. Like fourteen. I was too young to date, but we were just pals, anyway. That didn’t stop me from having the most giant crush on him ever.

Throughout high school, we always talked and hung out. He would date other people and I would, too. He used to come over to my house and kick it with my mom and sister and me. Then we’d go to the mall, or cruise around Oxnard together. Smoke.

I finally got old enough to date and we did that a little, but really we were mainly pals. I loved him. He didn’t have much of anything, really. He was funny as hell, though. Poor, too. No parents to speak of. He used to live with this guy Junior’s Grama. He often had a job, but not always. Probably had a GED, but definitely didn’t graduate high school. He was irresponsible and probably not the best influence. But he and his pals made high school really fun for me and Randi and Krystee.

He took me to my prom. Then we finally started “going out.” If you could call it that. Whatever, I just knew I finally had what I wanted. That summer, the summer of 1995, his luck finally ran out and he had to move to his Dad’s place in Samoa. I was getting ready to go off to college at Berkeley. We drove him to LAX and I said good-bye to him there. I never saw him again.

I went home and listened to Pearl Jam Ten for days. I had never cried that hard in my life, and never have since. When I went to school, we used to write to each other. God, he was an illiterate motherfucker. He couldn’t spell for shit. Misused quotations everywhere. “Your” hommie, Doug” was how he would sign those letters.

In college, I got a boyfriend who was kind of mean and broke my heart. Then, I met the love of my life, Babe. Doug and I stopped writing each other, but Doug was happy for me. I thought about him over the years, and heard occasional updates from Randi and Kryst. He didn’t do well with his life, but that wasn’t a surprise.

He died of a drug overdose a couple of weeks ago and left behind a little daughter. What a dummy, huh? I never knew I would care if he died, but I do. He was so funny and so nice to me and I wish he would have had a wonderful life, like I have.