Monday, April 12, 2010


Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Tried the burger for the first time at the Stoned Crow. I've been to the Stoned Crow a truckload of times, but never had the burger. Rumor has it one of the chef's from Corner Bistro works there. I'd say the burger was good, but not Corner Bistro good. But, there were no mice running around the floor so that makes it better than Corner Bistro in my book.
  2. Went to a game night at a pal's house and played 80s trivial pursuit which is hard.
  3. Made a batch of cookies for that game night - about four dozen I guess.
  4. Went to a pal's baby's christening up in the 80s on Park Ave. and then to the lunch that followed. Fourteen babies were christened - how about that? Little buddies.
  5. Did some laundry, per usual, and went to yoga on 5th and Sackett, per uzh.
  6. Didn't watch a movie this weekend, but I watched three episodes of the Vampire Diaries. Kind of a good show, peeps.

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