Monday, April 05, 2010


Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Along with Babe, had 9 people over for Easter Feaster 2010. I'll share the menu later in the week because I tried some new dishes and you guys will love them!
  2. Watched one teenager movie, per my weekly requirement. This time it was New Moon. So good. I read the books a lot, as you well know, and these movies are so much better than those books. Why? Because Stephanie Meyer can't write. And? Because the boys in these movies are just hotties.
  3. Went out to a bar - twice! Friday night to the speakeasy above Five Guys on 7th Avenue South and Bleecker. Hung out with peeps after work. That was very fun. Saturday, walked around Boerum Hill with Babe and we went to that one bar on Court right by the Trader Joe's that we've been to before. Watched NCAA basketball.
  4. Went to yoga, as usual, on fifth and Sackett.
  5. Cleaned about 150 carrots.
  6. Ate at least two carrot cupcakes.
  7. Had a wonderful weekend, and a good time hosting our fourth Easter Feaster in NYC.

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