Monday, April 26, 2010

Numbers - coming later!

I'm doing a project where I'm going through old pictures. I do this about once every four years, maybe 6. Okay, it's been eight. So as I find gems, I'll scan them and post them. The above are my uncles and my Grama is in the bottom. You can see from the dates, the top one is from May 1962 and the bottom one is from January 1965.
There's me and my sister, Ang. Heh. She's so cute.
One of my all-time favorite pics. Me and my Ma aboard some vessel to go to the Catalina islands. My Ma would like to title this one "My baby is having a baby." That's me. Her baby.

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Ang said...

Great pics dude! I will try and scan some old ones when I am @ mom and dads this week.