Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Misc. Items

  • Found the girl scout cookie table at NYU yesterday. Got a box of Samoas for $3.50. I declare that a steal! A steal I say. They have all kinds of new cookies, too. Como: "Thank you berry munch." I thought the Dulce De Leche were new, but maybe not? I've definitely never had one. I may have to go back today and get some to try. It's for a good cause, right?
  • I can't believe the size of the earthquake that had in the great state of California. My peeps said it shook for 45 seconds. That is a long time, you guys. The last big earthquake I was in was 6.4 - the Northridge earthquake and that was also a really big one. This one, apparently, has left behind less damage than that one. Still, scary! Peeps got under the table. You know it's a big earthquake if Californians duck and cover. Most of the time, you just continue doing what you're doing during a quake.
  • Baseball series started again and I couldn't be gladder. Ha! Gladder. I've got three games in the queue so far before the bambino gets here - one Mets game with work, and two Yanks games, including for the first time ever, Yankees vs Red Sox. Holy smokes! I can't wait. I got a pregnant lady Yankees shirt to wear.
  • LOST was really a trip last night. We'll discuss later, after I send out the links. Really a trip.
  • Reading a new teenage vampire series. Actually an old one from 1991. I'll tell you more about it as I read more.


Randi said...

I was surprised to like the Thank You Berry Munch cookies as much as I did but wasn't a fan of the Dulce De Leche. Could've been a bad batch though...

Ma said...

When I was reading your blog I thought of some trivia you may or may not be interested in. Did you know one of Babe Ruth`s nicknames was "the bambino".
I just thought of that when you were talking about baseball and you said "before the bambino arrives". I thought what is she talking about. Oh, that bambino, my grandbaby.
Does any of this make any sense. It`s early out here.
Love, Ma