Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I've been to 9 baseball parks (in order of my attendance):
  1. Chavez Ravine (Dodger)
  2. PacBell Park (Giants)
  3. The Coliseum (Oakland As)
  4. Qualcom (Padres)
  5. Shea (Mets
  6. Yankees (Yankees)
  7. Coors Field (Rockies)
  8. Citizens Bank Park (Phillies)
  9. Miller's Park (Brewers)
And that is all.

How about you?


Randi said...

1. Chavez Ravine
2. PacBell Park
3. The Coliseum
4. Angels Stadium
5. Shea
6. Citizen's Bank Park

Not sure if this qualifies as 7 but Brad and I totally went to Qualcom and kicked it when a game was not in session...

Word Verification: Mikel como someone I know if he spelled his name wrong.

Jessica said...

1. Citifield
2. Shea
3. Yankee Stadium
4. Safeco Field (Mariners)
5. The Kingdome (former Mariners home)
6. Fenway

Cindy said...

Ooooh, girl, we've got to get you and your little buddy to the big A! How can you have grown up in southern Cali and not been there?

Sam said...

Chavez Ravine
Pac Bell Park
The Big A (The OG one, before the weirdness that exists now)
Network Associates Coliseum (The A's)
The Murph (Qualcomm)
The 'Stick (Candlestick Park)
Wrigley Field

Need to go:

Yankees Stadium
Camden Yards
Citizens Bank Park

The Big A was so cruddy back in the day. I don't like the big fountain or whatever that is in centerfield. I wonder what it's like in the stadium...?