Monday, March 08, 2010


Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Watched The Hangover for the fifth or fiftieth time. Funniest movie in a long time, ya'all.
  2. Went to yoga on Fifth and Sackett.
  3. Went to Brooklyn Industries and literally spend $25 on a onesie. Oh Brooklyn Industries, you little devil.
  4. Went shopping in the 'hood - took a page from my New Yorker and bought specialty items at specialty Brooklyn stores. One or two of them being gifts for people who read this blog so I don't want to say too much! The article I link to is hilarious, by the way, and you should read it if you have a minute.
  5. Went out to dinner with some pals to South Brooklyn Pizza on Court Street for a couple delicious pies. Babe's favorite beer, Peroni, was on tap there, too. (Huh, Babe? You love Peroni.)
  6. Watched the 82nd annual Oscar's. There was a pool. I got 22 points. The winner had 23! DANG! Jeff Bridges is hilarity.
  7. Rode the G train a lot. Like 4 or 6 times a lot.


Ma said...

trust me on this one, don`t buy anymore onesies.
that`s all I`m gonna say.
Love, Ma

mil said...

AND i agree!!

Cindy said...

I lost our Oscar ballot game by 1 point too! Stinkin' hurt locker. (I didn't actually see it, so I didn't know, but good for that woman anyways!)
can't wait to see you guys. Safe travels!!!