Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Misc. Items

  • Last night, Babe hooked up the computer to the giant TV so now we can watch anything on the TV. For example, you can go to netflix and stream movies and shows and they will show up giant on my TV. Or, if you miss an episode of your favorite Sunday night show because March Madness screws up your DVR and you end up recording 60 minutes instead of Amazing Race, you can put it on your computer and it will show up giant on your TV. Wow. Thanks, Abe.
  • It's raining cats and dogs here. I mean super raining, ya'all. I've got the galoshes, rain coat and umbrella working for me today.
  • Have I told you guys how much I love being pregnant? I just love it. It's so cute and fun. I feel like a hundred million dollars and I have my little buddy with me always. Last night, I went to H20 aerobics and just had to laugh as I was running around in the pool and my little buddy was bouncing around with me. Then, I was laying there watching Jack Bauer kick ass on 24 and literally could see my tummy moving all over the place, como Alien but not scary.
  • I've never seen Alien.
  • In the next less than three months, I am going to: two yankees games and two Pearl Jam shows. Hooray for tickets! I'm doing little else besides going to yoga a lot and probably hanging in the nabe. Let me know if you want to hang out. Ha!


Randi said...

Alien? Is scary.

Ma said...

pregnancy becomes you.
Love, Ma

Sam said...

Looking forward to hanging with you guys and Eddie...