Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Misc. Items

  • Ang got some old pics scanned. I love this one of me and my sisters in our moccasins. I bet you can guess which one I am. I swear to god no one is cuter than my sister Angela.
  • Recently finished a book called Amsterdam by Ian McEwan, who wrote Atonement among many other things. Kind of a tremendous story about two best friends who go at it - and I mean really go at it over several fundamentally moral issues. The thing about this book - neither one of those guys is a hero in any way. They are both really awful men who as a reader you have very little sympathy for. Dry, interesting and pretty British. Anyone else read it?
  • Our cable box busted on Sunday night so I'm totally behind on TV watching. No Amazing Race! Babe went today and got a new one so we have it in time for LOST. Otherwise what would I have done, people? Seriously.


Randi said...

In that picture, it looks as though there is nothing but pure mischief in your eyes.

mil said...

i realized this morning that LOST is on tonight so i just spent the morning watching the last 2 weeks of since i didn't see it while the olympics were on. not really a productive day so far around here!

Ang said...

Dude, you just made my day! Can't wait to see you guys next week!