Wednesday, March 10, 2010

International Day of Awesomeness

Today, apparently, is the International Day of Awesomeness. Celebrated every year on March 10th, not coincidentally Chuck Norris's birthday, you're supposed to do something today to celebrate someone's awesomeness.

I was trying to think of who I ought to commemorate, should it be Babe, who is pretty much the most awesome person I know, or should it be a family member like my Dad who, just this morning I was thinking about, even though I had idea it was International Day of Awesomeness, or should it be a pal of mine, who are generally pretty awesome.

No, I decided, after sitting here for a few minutes, that I would commemorate hipsters who ride the G train on this international day of awesomeness. For there is no one more fashion forward (or fashion blind as it were), no one more wrapped up in their own self and own awesomeness and thus unaware of anything real in the world other than themselves, and no one who thinks about being cool more than they do.

Most people I know who are cool (and or awesome) just are so. They don't really try to be anything. Take Babe, or my pals, or my Dad, for instance. These are examples of people who just wake up in the morning and decide, you know what? Today I'm going to kick ass in the world and do my thing.

Know what hipsters think about in the morning? What exactly can I wear today that will show how fashion forward I am and how incredibly awesome I am at a) picking out clothes and b) caring about nothing real at all.

So, happy International Day of Awesomeness, Hipsters! I salute you and your ugly glasses, your purple checked scarves, and your run of the mill cheap shoes. May today be your day!

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Ma said...

You are so crazy. Who would have known today was International Awesomeness Day if you hadn`t told us.
You make me laugh in the morning and that`s a good way to start out the day.
Love, Ma