Thursday, March 04, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Picture one. Bad graphics from Clash of the Titans.
Picture 2: the only other thing I remember about this movie. That, and the title wave! Oh yeah, do you remember the tidal wave?
New movie posters. These line the subway stations right now.
We used to watch this when I was a kid. It used to come on KTLA channel 5. Even then, the graphics were so bad. As illustrated in picture one, above. It's actually the thing I remember most about the movie. Well, that and Medusa. What a crazy power, right? All you had to do was look at her and you would turn to stone. Huge bummer if you accidentally took a peek.

Did you guys watch this when you were kids??

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Jessicurl said...

Ha! I thought KTLA Channel 5 had The Bad News Bears on an endless loop from 1985-1995.