Monday, February 01, 2010


Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Went out after work with my work peeps to one of my favorite bars - The Stoned Crow. I was encouraging my friends to drink Six Point Sweet Action, even though I do not partake myself. Why, you might ask? Because I fear they will go out of business without my support! Ha!
  2. Took two long walks, one on Sat and one on Sunday. It was so cold on Saturday, so it was only about 45 minutes, but the on one Sunday was twice as long.
  3. Watched two movies on TV: He's Just Not that into You and Yes Men. Both pretty dang funny.
  4. Took it super duper easy. I mean really. Watched TV, played Wii, read a new book. Made one item - blueberry dessert!
  5. Talked for at least three hours on the phone.
  6. Worked for about two hours.
  7. Finished season two of Mad Men. That show is SO GOOD.

1 comment:

Ang said...

You made the blueberry dessert again dude? Mail me some!