Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Numbers - for real this time!

Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Went and saw a hilarious play on Broadway. A Behanding in Spokane with Christopher Walken. I'll tell you more about it later in the week. I've seen about a million concerts and at least twenty Broadway shows, but only two plays in NYC. This one was incredible!
  2. Went to dinner at one of our favorite spots, from when we used to live in Hell's Kitchen. Afghan Kebab House on 9th Avenue is just totally delicious.
  3. Went to pregnant lady yoga on Fifth and Sackett in Park Slope.
  4. Went to brunch at Taqueria De Los Muertos - yah, that's the 2nd time in two weeks.
  5. Yesterday, hosted three events for work. One - a speech by the mayor. Two - a roundtable of 75 people. Three - a reception. Everything went great.
  6. Reread a couple more Sookie Stackhouse books.
  7. Yesterday, went with work peeps to the Blind Tiger Ale House and witnessed something I'd never seen before - a Double Sixpoint Sweet Action. Sixpoint came up with this to celebrate their fifth anniversary. Obviously, I didn't partake. Just witnessed and salivated over.

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