Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coffee, Giant Apple Pancakes, and LOST

I think I used to title posts like this "Misc. Items" which makes a little bit more sense.
I've been thinking about coffee lately b/c I stopped drinking it when I found out I was WITH CHILD. One does not have to stop drinking coffee when they find out they are WITH CHILD, so if you still drink it and you are knocked up don't worry, I am not judging you. But I stopped drinking it because I figured it's a drug and why not use this opportunity to quit yet another drug? In any case, I don't drink caffeine anymore and I sleep much better. I probably sleep much better anyways because I am WITH CHILD and growing that baby takes a lot of energy.

Man, I digress.

Sometimes on Saturday, I have a cup of coffee. Just one cup. And then, guess what? I can't sleep Saturday night and feel like I have a hangover on Sunday. Can you believe it? I guess I never knew what I was doing to myself with the coffee in general, though surely I had built up a tolerance level that is now gone (as is my tolerance for everything, I imagine. How hard I worked building that up!)

So no more Saturday cups of joe for me either. Because then I can't sleep on Saturday night. And I feel all sad and mushy on Sunday.
The other day BON made an Apple Crisp to bring over to watch the superbowl. The apple crumg wasn't watching the superbowl, it was for us to eat while we watched the superbowl. She used a recipe I found on Mona's site. Thank's Mona!

Anyways, since then, and since my CSA filled my kitchen with apples, that is all I want to eat.

So yesterday, I decided I wanted to make a Giant Apple Pancake for dinner. Google Giant Apple Pancake and here is what you get. I made that guys recipe and it was totally delicious. Mine was way poofier than his picture shows and really quite complex and delicious. We still have some, so if you want leftovers, come on over.
How good is LOST? Though this last episode super pissed me off b/c those new other others don't say much do they? Anyways, here's some reading material for you if you'd like to get some inside skinny:
Things I Noticed
Watching with Kristen
Doc Jensen



Ma said...

I don`t drink coffee anymore either except a cup of d-caf once in a blue moon. I do drink a cup of Peet`s tea for brkfst which a certain young wonderful man buys for me every Christmas. ha, ha.
Love, Ma

Randi said...

I really enjoy my weekend coffee but during the week I've switched to Coke in the morning because the fizzies and caffeine help my morning sickness.
My life without caffeine... I can't imagine...