Thursday, February 25, 2010

Christopher Walken

Babe and I went to see Christopher Walken on Broadway last Friday, in A Behanding in Spokane. It was written by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, his first play set in America.

The NY Times focuses on Walken's role in the play and it's a quick and good read. If you love Christopher Walken like I do. He looks kinda old and beat up in this play, and his character is kind of old and beat up by life. He's a man in his sixties, who years ago had his hand cut off by a bunch of hillbillies, and has spent the last 47 years searching for it.

It's vulgar, and the language is SO BAD, but Babe and I laughed so hard for literally the whole time. It was well worth the money for the ticket.

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