Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Babe and I found this book while in a wee bookstore in Shawano, Wisconsin. We were there visiting my Grama and while we weren't visiting her, there wasn't very much to do. So, we spent a long time in this one book store looking for a libro for Babe.

Pyres is Derek Nikitas's first novel and the review by the San Francisco Chronicle on the back of the book said something like "as many people who can should read this book." It takes place in upstate NY. A 15 year old girl goes to the mall with her pops and in the parking garage on the way out of the mall he gets killed. It's a mystery with a bit of magic realism and Swedish mythology sprinkled throughout. It's pretty deeply disturbing, but also hard to put down. I think I recommend it, but only if you have a stomach for violence. The cops in this book are rad. Good names, too. Luc Morberg is the daughter and Gerta Herd is the detective.

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