Monday, January 11, 2010


Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Became enraged at two separate news items. Number one: Rudy Giuliani. Dude, that man really pisses me off. I wish he would just stop talking. Number two: those two asshole terrorist guys who went to high school together in Queens, then went off to Pakistan to learn how to be a terrorist. I tell you, it just makes me mad.
  2. Laughed and laughed at the 20th anniversary Simpsons commercials. They had Coldplay's "Yellow" playing over clips from the Simpsons. Hilarious!
  3. Watched our new 40 inch TV.
  4. Watched four football games with several different people.
  5. Made one pot of Posole. Yum!
  6. Made one breakfast casserole that was delicious.
  7. Made two types of peppermint bark.
  8. Watched four episodes of Buffy on my new GIANT TV.

1 comment:

Ruby Do said...

We played six hours of Super Mario Wii and got to level seven. Not sure how but we skipped a couple of levels. Dude, what level are you on and when can we play?