Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010.

2009 was quite the year, wasn't it? A little rundown suggests it was quite busy:
  • 5 weddings (New Jersey, Oxnard, San Diego, Pennsylvania, Richmond, VA)
  • 1 dad surgery (He's okay.)
  • 3 babies born to close friends (HOORAY! Welcome Santi, Nicole & Ethan!!)
  • 1 apartment move (a move up, I must say.)
  • Several flights: One to Denver, two to California, two to Wisconsin, one to Richmond, VA.)
  • A couple of road trips: three times to DC, one to Glens Falls, one to Connecticut - not to mention getting to some of those weddings.)
  • Some pretty fun visits from some pretty fun people: Cin, Omar and Santi in utero, Titi (3 times!), Uncle Samoi, The Lys (with Nicole in utero), am I forgetting anyone?
  • About a million hours of work between Babe and I. About half of those spent in meetings for me.
  • About 50 books read. I read: all of the books written by Laurell Hamilton (27 books, read each about 5 or 6 times), re-read about half of the books written by Charlaine Harris (13 books), read many other books including: The Hunger Games book 1 and book 2, Breakfast with Buddha, a book by Sherman Alexie, the Dan Brown book. That only equals about 40 but who's counting really? (Babe read 16 books, by the way. He would want me to tell you that.)
  • Lots of hours spent playing the new Mario game on Wii.
  • Lots of shows watched on DVR and DVD and occasionally on TV: West Wing, Mad Men, Amazing Race, Survivor, maybe LOST was on in 2009, I don't remember!
  • About a hundred bars were visited, bands watched, restaurants eaten at. Beers drank. Wines tried.
  • Did I mention I worked a lot?
Now this has become just a list, but to sum up, a lot of big stuff happened in 2009. I might have left some stuff off. But, it was a big year. Me and Babe moved to yet another apartment in Brooklyn. My BFF got married.We worked a lot. I got knocked up. You know. Just another year in the life of Cod.

Thanks for joining! See you in 2009!

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Sam said...

Love you guys. See you in March!

Uncle Ois