Thursday, December 10, 2009


My dreams have been super crazy lately. In the past three nights, I have dreamt:
  • That I stole a taxi cab and crashed it.
  • That two friends I don't know that well were BFF with my boss and we were hanging out at my boss's beach house in cape cod. (Yah, she doesn't have one).
  • That Matt Damon was in one of my meetings at work.
  • That Babe and I and two other people were driving through a crazy building. Through the building.
  • That my luggage fell out of the tram door as Babe and I were making our way up some hill and I got off the tram to get it. Tram, huh? Where were we? Disneyland?


Cindy said...

Crazy what a kid will do to your brain, huh!

Randi said...

Stop drinking before bedtime, Codfish. Oh wait. That was me. I dreamed I was pregnant and it was making me SO thirsty. Turns out I was just dehydrated from the celebratory cocktails last night.