Monday, November 09, 2009


Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Went to the 4th Ave. Pub for the first time for a pal's birthday. Nice spot - free hot and delicious popcorn!
  2. Went into the city to get my hair cut - the A and C trains were both broken, so I had to sit on the bus for 20 minutes before giving up and taking a $20 cab ride into the city.
  3. Had a $5 smoothie from the street fair.
  4. Had about 25 people over for a wee housewarming birthday party on Saturday night. That's about 15 less than I planned for but was still a rockin good time. We have a lot of beer leftover, so if you want some, come on over.
  5. Took it super easy yesterday, walked into the park and ate my breakfast with Babe (I guess lunch, since it was about 3) and enjoyed the upper 60 degree weather! What a gorgeous day!
  6. Watched the first episode of the first season of Mad Men. Thumbs up!

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