Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Misc. Items

  • Taco Tuesday today! Going to either the same spot we went to last time, which we know is delicious, or one of the ones from this guys website, who seems to know what he's talking about.
  • Birthday yesterday was very nice. Got a lot of beautiful shout outs from pals, an awesome gift from BABE, a picture of Santiago, a good friend took me to lunch, and we ordered chinese food for dinner. I was unfortunately struck down my allergies and spent most of the night curled up on the couch sleeping while the Yankees went down to the Phillies who are tenacious little bastards, I'll give em that. Chase Utley is a freak.
  • Voted this morning. It was a far cry from my voting experience last year where I had to wait over an hour. There was no line! I hope everyone goes after work but bet that people just aren't voting this time.

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