Thursday, October 08, 2009


Last night, after I got home from a ridiculously delicious dinner with some ridiculously delicious friends at Alta, which I can tell you more about later, I watched the Daily Show.

On the Daily Show, there was this kid (well, he's 22 now) named William Kamkwamba who wrote a book. The book is called "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind" and its his story about how he was growing up in Malawi during a famine. So, his family didn't have any money to send him to school. So, he used to go to the library and look at books. But he wasn't GREAT at reading, so he mainly looked at pictures to get the jist. He saw a picture of a windmill that was used to harness electricity, I guess, and decided to build one. So, at 14 years old, this kid built a electricity generating windmill for his family. Fo reals, you guys.

Now, the kid is 22 and studying for his S.A.T. so he can go to college somewhere here in the Good Ol U.S. of A.

I was just totally blown away by this fella, he was so smart and funny. I really dug it. Made me feel like I should probably be doing more with my life.

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Mona said...

the killer is we had him on, and by we i mean my network, good morning america and nobody gave a poop. then he gets on daily show and he's a google trend. but i agree. what an incredible guy! nobody read the story on our site :( and p.s. i LOVE alta.