Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Take the R train to wherever the heck the R train goes and you'll arrive in Sunset Park for Tacos Matamoros and you won't be sorry.

Dude! Those freaking tacos were totally delicious. I mean, when I ate my taco, I talked about it the whole time. Two carne asada tacos grandes and I was in heaven. Go there.

Best tacos in NYC.

Too bold? I don't think so.


mil said...

did ya think you were back in california?

Nancy gurl said...

It only took you, what, 7 years to find a taco here up to your standards.

Now I want a taco!

Tizoc Schwartz said...

You should also try Tacos Xochimilco which is across the street from Matamoros. Oh and Delicias Mexicanas (in Spanish Harlem), El Carrito Rojo taco truck (in Flat Iron) or just go to