Monday, October 26, 2009


Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Went out to dinner with Babe at the General Greene on Dekalb. It was our second time there, but this time was much better. I would rank the five dishes we shared as follows: 1) the green beans were out of this world. So delicious! 2) the salted caramel sundae was so good - the vanilla ice cream homemade and wonderful 3) the burger was just right - super hot and char-broiled to perfection! 4)the roasted beet salad was one of the better I've had this season, but ranks below the burger because it really was just a roasted beet salad. 5) The macaroni and cheese I would rank last - it was good, but Smoke Joint is way better.
  2. Watched the Yankees clinch the win so they can go to the world series - first time since I've been a fan!
  3. Went out to Long Island for Nancy's baby shower which was very nice, and well attended! There had to be about 80 women there!
  4. Walked around the hood for awhile and went to the nabe's first bookstore - Greenlight bookstore. It's about time!

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Nancy gurl said...

I can't wait till Stewie visits his auntie and uncle wearing his new hat!