Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bored to Death

This show is a scream, you guys. It's on HBO on Sunday nights at 9:30, but you can watch it any time on demand. Don't I sound like a commercial?

I think I'll always love Ted Danson because of Cheers and he is no disappointment in this show. He's hilarious as a super wealthy magazine owner who is somewhat bored with his life.

Jason Schwartzman plays the main character, Brooklyn writer Jonathan Ames, who decides to make some extra cash and procrastinate on writing his second book, by being a private eye. He advertises his services on craigslist and ends up with a variety of pretty funny clients.

Another reason I really like it is it literally takes place in my neighborhood! So, if you want to see where I live, watch the show. Or just come visit me. Slackers.


Randi said...

I want to watch this and will thanks to your On Demand plug.
Watched Dexter for the first time last night, it's ok, not sure if I love the internal monologues though.

genevieve said...

DUDE! I just saw an episode of this! I love! Jason Schwartzman can do no wrong in my eyes; he's just too freakin' adorable.