Thursday, September 24, 2009

U2, UN & Guiness

Buncha peeps I work with went to U2 last night at Giants stadium. Ever seen em? I saw u2 my sophomore year in high school. I flew southwest to Phoenix, AZ, to see my friend Michelle. We went and saw them at the ASU Sun Devils stadium. It was the Acthung Baby tour and he wore a white cowboy hat and called George H.W. Bush from the stage. Bush didn't answer. Public Enemy opened up but they wouldn't perform b/c at the time Arizona didn't recognize MLK Jr. Day. That was 1992.
The UN is in session right now. As if you didn't know that. You probably know that because you watch the news. I know because I went up to my friend's house and she lives right by th UN. The place was lined with police officers and all sorts of emergency vehicles, and just a crazy amount of people. All the streets were blocked off, and there were policeman guarding every entrance. Plus, when I went on Tuesday, there was a protest of all these Hasidic dudes. Here's why they were mad.
Today is Arthur's Day. The day Guiness was invented. 250 years ago! Go have a pint on me. Just kidding, I'm not buying you anything. Unless you want to hang out. But if you just send me your tab from across the country, I'm not paying it.

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Randi said...

Are you insinuating I'd send you a bill? I'm still waiting for the bill from your dry cleaner after my beer bath on the dance floor in your very nice dress.