Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pacific Standard

I may have told you before about this spot, Pacific Standard, but it definitely bears repeating. This is a great neighborhood bar, full of really nice, casual, laid back people. Right now, they are doing a Craft Beer Week special where if you drink each of their 12 different Six Point Beers, you get a t-shirt. I'm totally not partaking in this challenge, because I'd rather drink 2 or 3 Bengali Tiger IPAs then one of each of the crazier brews, but Babe is on a mission! He's done I think 8 so far. As you all well know, Six Point is my favorite beer, so combining my favorite bar with my favorite beer makes for perfect happiness.

You can find us there every Saturday during the college football season routing for our California Golden Bears!


mil said... why aren't you going for the 12 beers/t-shirt?

Coodence said...

Just watching my waist line. I can have a couple beers but 12 makes me chubby.