Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Numbers - Virginia Edition

Since we last chatted, I:
  • Took two plane rides, from JFK to Richmond and back again. Our flight from Richmond to NYC left at 6:27 pm. That was the scheduled time of departure.
  • Saw a friend of mine, who I've known for 18 years, get married. The wedding took place in a cool, old train station.
  • I went on a tour of a southern plantation from the 1600s. We can talk more about that later in the week.
  • Had a flight of six or seven beers at the Legend Brewing Company, the best place in Richmond. More on that later, too.
  • Ate at Perly's twice.
  • Tried to swim in the pool on the 17th floor but it was just too cold!
  • Got to hang out with three of my favorite people on earth. Babe, BFF, and Dr. Brad.

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