Monday, August 03, 2009


Since we last chatted, I:
  • Went out to dinner with Babe at Sette in Brooklyn. Sette means seven.
  • Went to the Farmer's Market and bought kirby cucumbers so I could pickle them myself and thus utilize the $10 pickle brine from the jar I purchased at the flea a few weeks ago.
  • Took the 3pm ferry to Staten Island. I haven't been on that ferry in six years or so, since me and Randi took it to look at the statue of liberty.
  • Took in a double header Staten Island Yankees/Brooklyn Cyclones game. Yankees beat the Cyclones twice.
  • Went to a friend's going away party at the Nowhere bar on 14th street and 1st avenue.
  • Took it pretty easy on Sunday, took care of stuff around the house, went to Associated for groceries - got some deals, like a twelve pack of Miller High Life for $10.00.


mil said...

saturday i had 2 vino-ritas and one glass of San Juan Red at the winery.

sunday i had a 22 oz and a 16 oz glasses of Blue Moon.....had a good liquor weekend for this old gal!!!

Randi said...

6 years? Holy shizer! I can't believe it's been that long...

Cindy said...

HOoray for Los numeros! I thinkI'lll get to stay on top of your blog now that I have a little extra time on my hands.loving the numbers much love to you and babe

Jessicurl said...

$10 brine? Wow. Let me tell you what's in that brine: vinegar, salt, sugar, water, some herbs. Total cost to make: 1 dollar. Maybe. Those pickles better be DAMNED good.