Monday, August 17, 2009

Numbers - Six Years Edition!

Today is my sixth anniversary of being married to Babe! Huh, babe?!

Since we last spoke, I:
  1. Really took it easy for the first time in what felt like two weeks.
  2. Went out to brunch and learned that really? I can only do one bloody mary, not two.
  3. Went to a show in Williamsburg, on 7th and Bedford at the Charleston.
  4. Sat on a roof drinking beer in the 85 degree weather. 90? Who knows. It was hot.
  5. Went to the new beer "garden" in Fort Greene. Not a garden, not really. Whoopsie, no number that. Had two beers.
  6. Hung out with a couple of good friends all over Brooklyn!
  7. Laid on my couch/bed for four hours and read a book. Thank the maker.

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