Thursday, August 27, 2009

Information Technology

Last night, after the yankee game, me and Sashie were talking about the blog. Not too surprisingly, I was thinking of focusing on Britney for the third day in a row. To which Sasha replied, why don't you talk about the role of information technology in long distance shit-talking. What a smart idea. Here goes!
Last night, Babe was heckling Samoi by sending him pics of me and Sasha at the Yankee game. See below.
Samoi got right back to us with his response, showing just how he feels about the Yankees.
So, we all got together to show how we feel about the RED SOX. See below.
Thank god for the iphone!


Ma said...

I looked at the pictures and the first thing I thought of was how pretty Sashie is. Please tell her hi from me. Also to Samoi.
No comment on the pictures otherwise.
Go Padres!!

Randi said...

Methinks Ma disapproves of the bird.

Bethany said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I can't believe i'm so dumb and didn't go...

Jessicurl said...

Caroline, please wear a hat and glasses everyday. Your cuteness is epic. Also, I am with your mom: Sasha is so pretty.

Sam said...

Sorry Ma for the improper photos. The Yankees made me do it!!!!!!! Hope you are well!

Go Anyone But the Yankees!!!!

mil said...

oh Sam...Sam...Sam...shame on you! i agree with Ma on you and also yes, Sashie is so cute but then she always is!!!
and.....GO ROCKIES!

Nancy gurl said...

Your blog is turning into a photo blog. The pictures over the past few days have been supreme awesomeness! Great work, Coodence!

Morgan said...

I have seen your Blog... It’s too good.