Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I wanted to give Babe a present for our anniversary, which is not something we do really. We usually go out to dinner or something, but not really give gifts. But, Babe has been doing a lot of stuff lately, since we moved and all. He painted both our apartment and our old apartment and I just can't thank him enough.

So, I've been collecting change in this big purple thing at my work for I don't know about five years. I decided to cash it in and see how much money there was and get babe a gift certificate for the tattoo parlor he gets his work done at, Invisible NYC. Obviously I would never give my husband money as a gift, but a gift certificate for a tattoo? That seemed legit. Lucky for me, SW1 documented the whole affair.

First, there was a change-tastrophe, when the bucket broke open in my office!
Then we made our way to the Penny Arcade at the TD bank.
Yay! That's me, pouring the change in.
I was somewhat surprised to see Ms. Muffy has a new gig, at the TD Bank Penny Arcade.
Wow, big spender! $78.02 was the total in change. That included 1500 pennies. Save em, kids! That should pay for about 10 minutes of Babe's tattoo.


mil said...

love the tootsies and tootsie covers!

Randi said...

Love the story! Hooray for Babe!