Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things I see when I look around me

  • Moonstruck DVD - loaned it out, now its back.
  • My Sigg, a gift from Sashie that I just love.
  • A personalized Thank You card from one my Research Assistants who recently left.
  • My blackberry, of course.
  • A little bottle of hempz moisturizer from my MIL.
  • The usual work items: phone, pen cup, mouse, notebook, folders, stapler, tape, paper clips, etc. Post-its.
  • This candle I keep on my desk but don't burn because I never want the smell to go away. It's a Bluewick candle that smells like "Asian Mango Nectar" but to me it just smells like the first kissing kooler I ever had when I was a kid.
  • A collection of miniature things, to my left, like a tiny Eiffel tower from Danielle, various dinosaurs and animals, a little snowman made of clay, an alien or two. Shoes from Holland. That kind of thing. I'd say about 25 or so total.
  • A cork board with phone numbers and calendars on it, with my button from Randi's bachelorette party, a pic of me and Babe from Berlin, a picture of the house I grew up in, a picture of my niece, a photo of my ma from the 60s, and a few other choice items.
  • My coffee.
Y tu? What do you see?

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Randi said...

A Japanese cucumber; pictures of E; tiny toys; desk calendar; Family Guy one-a-day calendar; my Nalgene bottle; pictures of my folks, my maids and my brother's family; Pam & Jim; Britney; my gigantic coffee cup from Seattle courtesy of my beau; mucho DOdgers/Kings sports paraphernalia.

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