Monday, July 27, 2009

Numbers - Beautiful Brooklyn Weekend Edition III

Since we last chatted, I:
  • Saw and LOVED the sixth Harry Potter movie. Made me want to re-read them all over again, which could be a real blessing you guys since I've been re-reading the same 17 books since January 1st.
  • Hung out on the terrace on the 14th floor and my friend's roof above the 16th floor.
  • Played threesies.
  • Bought one new couch and three screens for my apartment.
  • Had one beer at Havana Outpost, shared one pitcher at Gowanus Yacht Club. Those two places seem so similar but couldn't be more opposite. Both have outdoor spots, both are casual, both serve beer and food. Both are in Brooklyn. But that has got to be where the similarities end. Where the Havana Outpost is chock full of absolutely gorgeous people, Gowanus was full to the brim with really, really unattractive people. Mutants at Table 9 unattractive. Where the Havana Outpost serves delicious beer for dirt cheap ($2.50 for a six point) Gowanus charges $6.00 for a beer. Where the Havana Outpost smells like the food they are cooking, Gowanus smells that garbage. Trash. Blech.

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Ma said...

I remember going to the Havana Outpost when we visited you and Babe and you are so right. One of the things that struck me was that the people really were gorgeous. I remember looking at them and admiring them. Interesting. Have a wonderful day. Love, Ma