Monday, July 13, 2009

Numbers - Beautiful Brooklyn Weekend Edition

Since we last chatted, I:
  1. Spent my 2nd weekend in my new apartment. I love it. Love it, love it, love it.
  2. Went to my friend's thirtieth birthday party at The Deity in Brooklyn. Awesome place, ridiculously fun party.
  3. Watched The Dark Knight on Friday night, for the second time in like two weeks (thank you HBO on demand!). I didn't love it when I saw it in the theater (I mean I liked it, but I didn't love it) but now I kinda really do. I can't get over Heath Ledger as the scariest villain on the planet. Why so serious, son??
  4. Played in Fort Greene park for two hours on Sunday.
  5. Bought beets and fresh garlic and cherries at the Farmer's Market (cherries - $4.50, beets & garlic - $5.00 or so).
  6. Went to the red hook taco trucks - at the Brooklyn Flea! YUM. Got a huarache with beef for $6.00.


Randi said...

isn't a huarache a sandal?

babe said...

and it was a damn good sandal.

mil said...

it must have been the beef that made it so good! i've tried it with chicken before and thought the sandal was a little tough. :)